Frequently Asked Questions

There is no such thing as a silly question!


Why Are My Hens Missing Feathers?

Hens naturally go through a 'moult' every 18 months or so where they replace any lost or broken feathers to ensure they have a nice full plumage for winter.  During this time they can look quite tatty but their feathers will come back very quickly and they will be back to having full bloomers in no time. 

Will The Hens Still Lay?

The honest answer? It's totally dependant on the individual hen. The majority of ex commercial hens do still lay, however they are now seen to be at the end of their 'egg laying life' and this is why flocks are replaced when they go through their first moult. 

Do I Need A Cockerel?

No it's not necessary for you to have a cockerel if you wish to rehome hens - Cockerel's can make wonderful additions however they are noisey (not just first thing in the morning either!) and they can be quite rough with their ladies. 

My Hens Are Scared of Me..Will This Improve?

Yes - remember that this is a huge change for the hens, everything they have known for the last year or more has completely vanished. They are in a new home, new surroundings, new people and it's scary! Give them time, sit with them, feed them from your hand.. a little bit of patience and perseverance will pay off. 

Why Do My Hens Make A Lot of Noise Before & After Laying an Egg?

In the chicken world, this is known as the 'Egg Song'. It's not fully understood why the hens do this - it could be to signal that they are about to lay, that nesting box is now available to use, that there are eggs that need guarding or that they are proud of their produce or simply to regain contact with the flock. 
Whatever the reason, it's absolutely normal.