Rehoming Terms & Conditions

This is the part of what we do that we are not so keen on.. paperwork!

Below are a list of our Term & Conditions that The Little Hen Trust have in order to maintain the safety and welfare of any hens that we rehome.


You agree to provide safe and secure accommodation for your hens.
This includes being wind & water tight, have sufficient ventilation and insulation.

Health & Wellbeing

You agree that you will regularly screen & treat if necessary for worms, lice or mites.

You agree to seek veterinary advice and treatment should your hen become unwell.

Further Rehoming

Should your circumstances change and you have to rehome your hens, you agree to contact The Little Hen Trust in the first instance.


You agree that you have permission to own and keep chickens - whether that's a bought home or rented.
Some title deeds state that poultry is forbidden.

Nutritional Needs

You agree to provide a complete and balanced diet for your hens ie layers pellets or layers mash.
Corn alone is not a complete diet and should never be fed as the solitary food source.